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The reins of government have been so long slackened, that I fear the people will not quietly submit to those restraints which are necessary for the peace and security of the community.

Abigail Adams

Wife of John Adams, Author, Mother, Patriot

Courses 2019-2020

Constitutional Law

Fall 2019

Constitutional Law

This course examines the roles of the executive, legislative and judicial branches in the development of laws and policies. The emphasis of the course is to study the role that the judicial branch has had in the interpretation of the U.S. Constitution and its impact on individual and civil rights as well as the role of the national & state governments. Emphasis will be placed on studying cases that have been appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.


Fall 2019


This course is a survey of economic theory with particular emphasis on the market as a means of addressing the challenges of production and distribution of resources in the United States. Students study basic economic concepts, national and international monetary policies, and the application of economic principles in everyday life.

Introduction to Law

Spring 2020

Introduction to Law

This course will introduce students to the United States’ legal system and illustrate ways in which they might intelligently participate within the system. Students will be able to distinguish between major areas of law including constitutional rights, criminal law, civil law, family law, torts, contracts, and property.


Spring 2020


This course is concerned with human groups and factors that unite or divide them, including culture, values, social groups, social stratification, population, the family, socialization, propaganda, and social institutions. Focus is on the impact of change on mores, norms, and customs.

Snapshots of Life

from the Smithsonian

Above and Below

An aircraft preparing for landing at Tan Son Nhat International Airport flies over the streets of Ho Chi Minh City.


I took this photo at the Oil Tank Culture Park in Seoul, South Korea in May 2019. The park was built as a secret government oil storage depot during the 1970s oil crisis and is a great space to shoot.


Japanese locals ski and snowboard at Cortina Resort in Hakuba Valley, Japan.

Hmong Woman

An elderly Hmong woman laughs. She is 91 years old!


Observing the interactions between the marine life is a visual feast. So many activities unfold in front of your eyes like this moray eel having a go at its dental hygiene by a cleaner shrimp.

Typhoon Disaster

In 2018, the typhoon in Hong Kong caused the glass windows of the building to be broken, and the workers repaired them afterwards.

Rapa das Bestas

Edited caption: A garañon, or large male horse, neighs during Rapa das Bestas. Taking place every year across Galicia, Rapa das Bestas, or 'Shearing of the Beasts,' involves cutting the manes of semi-feral horses that live in the mountains. Horses are rounded up into enclo...More


I took this picture in Mikurajima, Japan. The two dolphins had been floating for a long time staying close together. They seem to say "I'll always be beside you."

The Athlete

Edited caption: This armless athlete is among those in Vietnam affected by Agent Orange, an herbicide used by U.S. troops during the Vietnam War. He was preparing for his swimming competition in the 2019 National Sports Tournament for Disabled People in Vietnam.

Future Roper

Captured my 7-year-old trying out his sister’s rope.


Wizard Island is a volcanic cinder cone which forms an island in Crater Lake, Oregon - the deepest lake in the US (1,943 feet). The impressive average depth of this volcanic lake is due to the nearly symmetrical 4K foot deep caldera formed 7K years ago during the violent eruption...More

Me and Myself

All of us experience an inner dialogue. We have a mental image of ourselves that we are talking to almost every moment of our life and about anything: hopes, troubles, Sunday shopping, memories from the past, what the person standing next to us thinks about us. Every person’s ide...More

Drill Bit Merchants

These two gentlemen were actively engaged in making a business decision.

Nueva Venecia

Editor's Note: Nueva Venecia is a floating community on Ciénaga de Pajaral lake in Columbia.

Nampan Floating Market

Nampan floating market at Inle Lake, which is opened at every fifth day of the week.

Fireworks Festival

Every March in Tultepec, Mexico, a party is held in which the inhabitants burn hundreds of fireworks. The population celebrates by jumping between the rockets. For them, risking possible burns is a matter of pride.

Editor's Note: This celebration concludes with the burn...More

In and Out

Origami is an art of turning a plain sheet of paper into practically any shape. The transformation of a piece of paper into virtually anything made me think of how we as humans tend to turn plain facts and life situations into positive or negative ones when we react to them emoti...More