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Franklin Delano Roosevelt [FDR]

President of the United States (1932-1945)

Snapshots of Life

from the Smithsonian


during the dive at 25mt depth meeting a grouph of fish in a block of black coral

Floating Lives

The floating season (Sept to Nov), also known as the Mekong flood season, is a natural flood phenomenon typical of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, the lower Mekong, Tonle Sap and Cambodia. During this time, a lot of fish come from upstream so instead of farming, locals switch to har...More

Dolphin Line

Mikurajima of Japan is famous for the habitat of dolphins. Currently more than 160 dolphins live. And this year 20 babies were born. The dolphins of Mikurajima are given names from the characteristics of each body. I swam with dolphins of Mikurajima of my desire and received thei...More


A girl drinks water at a school canteen in Toretsk district, Donetsk region, Ukraine. The school is located near the front line and has no water supply. The water is brought by car, and pupils bring it to the school with buckets.

Precious Salt

Just a single excavator in the vast and beautiful salt ponds of Utah. Aerial image (photographed from a plane).

One More Pillow

Italy, Colle di Val d'elsa - I caught this worker on a hot sunny day as he was throwing these things on the street.


Jardines de la Reina, Cuba. I slipped slowly into the water and made my way towards his open mouth full of sharp teeth. Inch by inch, I moved closer until I was almost touching his nose with my camera. My heart was racing, but I managed to relax and keep my cool long enough to ph...More