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The Revolution was effected before the War commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations.... This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people, was the real American Revolution.

John Adams

Statesman, Patriot, President of the United States (1797-1801)

Snapshots of Life

from the Smithsonian

Coconut Pickers Solar Portrait

Cristobal Cespedes Lorenzo (51) sits on his raft while carrying coconuts across the river to his home in Copala, Mexico. Cristobal and Francisco Manzanares Cagua (16) both work picking coconuts, which they then sell to a company that makes coconut butter and oil.

This i...More

Sea Snail Spawning

A female toothed top shell sea snail releases tiny greenish eggs that will be carried away with the currents, and will later be fertilized and develop into larvae in the open sea.

Ground Squirrel Love

Intimate moment with these amazing ground squirrels. They are hidden in holes in the ground.

Polar Bear's Sleep

In recent years, the ice in Svalbard melts sooner and sooner, and as ice melts the bears are reducing their activity to save energy and fat. This bear sleeps on his last snow and hugs it with love.


Here's an image of the marine layer creeping over the mountains of Malibu.

Missing Serenade

When I miss someone I wish I could fly like a bird, flying above to seventh sky and finding you there... This picture is dedicated to anyone who might be missing someone special in their life

Maloja Pass

Maloja Pass from the air. Graubünden, Switzerland.


An alpha Galapagos shark goes on a morning stroll while I enjoy this majestic moment. There is a big misperception about sharks in today's society. They are a huge factor in why our ocean is still alive today. Without sharks, our ecosystem will not be able to survive. Respect the...More

Where Is Home?

The subject in the photograph is wearing a yellow burqa and wading into the water. The landscape depicts a dark body of water with an opening in the islands. As the body goes in further, looking for the familiar semblances of home, it also goes deeper into the water, inevitably t...More


It is both cute and creepy seeing wild dog pups playing with an impala head, an activity which will strengthen their jaws.

Sharing Emotion

A young boy named Shukor taking care of almost hundred of buffaloes belonging to his father. This spontaneous moment suddenly happened in front of me when a buffalo lying down against him with the same face expression. It just showed they were sharing a same emotion.


I've been following this international circus festival in Latina for about 10 years. I stay most of the day with the artists backstage. I follow them until they get used to my presence.

Depression Among ATO Veterans

A photo from the series about depression among ATO veterans. The ATO is the term officially used by the Ukrainian government for Russia’s war against Ukraine in the Donbas, which has been ongoing since April 2014.


A fallen tree on top of Cerro Grande serves as a testament to the harsh conditions of the peak. This tree was torched in the Cerro Grande fire that started at this exact spot in 2000, and it has since been destroyed by a summer lightning storm. This is the far backcountry of Band...More


Imagine, dream. Bend and break the rules. GRVTY2 tries to see the world in an unexpected way. Places you see every day, either by traveling or on a screen, are turned into something else, not just the place and its stories, but a world in which the rules are very different. A cha...More


Seen in Honolulu