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Notable Quotes

 Fashion is the playing area for individuals that lack interior autonomy and need more support points, but who nonetheless feel the need to stand out, to be paid attention to and be considered apart from the rest Fashion elevates the insignificant by making it in the representative of a totality, the particular incarnation of a common spirit. Its function is to make possible the kind of social obedience which is at the same time individual differentiation It is the mixing of submission and the feeling of domination that is in action here. 

Georg Simmel


Current Courses


Sociology is the scientific study of society— It includes an investigation into everything humans are and do in both a large way (organization, culture, race, social class) as well as the smallest level (groups, interactions, socialization). The course is designed to provide students with a basic introduction to sociological thinking through theory, concepts and research.


African American Studies from 1865 is an elective course that gives a broad survey of the historical and current situation of African Americans in the US through a documentary focus; examines what it means to be Black in America today using history, biography, photographic artifacts and the arts, including music, literature and drama.