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Snapshots of Life

from the Smithsonian

Fire Festival

Every month in March in Tultepec, Mexico a party is held in which the inhabitants burn hundreds of fireworks. The population celebrates by jumping between the rockets, for them risking possible burns is a matter of pride.

In and Out

Origami is an art of turning a plain sheet of paper into practically any shape. The transformation of a piece of paper into virtually anything made me think of how we as humans tend to turn plain facts and life situations into positive or negative ones when we react to them emoti...More

Day of Winter

Trip to the beautiful mountains of Romania.

Monochrome Silhouette

A daily wage worker's silhouette is seen as he cleans the roof of a four-storey shopping mall in India's capital Delhi while dangling from a rope.


After some heavy rain, hummingbirds were desperate to feed. Almost all the fights begin when the most territorial ones attack the most shy.

Women of Harar

An Oromo girl playing in an alley of the old city of Harar and a Harari woman passing by. Here, different ethnic groups (Oromo, Harari, Somali, and many more) coexist with a high degree of religious respect. In 2002–03, Harar received the UNESCO Cities for Peace Prize for urban h...More

Bangkok Downtown

I was having buffet in a hotel, and from the window I saw the beautiful building named "Pearl." It caught my eye, and immediately I wanted to create a black-and-white photo.


Two sibling grizzly bears recently weaned by their mother forage for tubers together.

Tender Eyes

A gorgeous griffon vulture is seen soaring the skies in Monfragüe National Park in Spain. How can anyone say vultures bring bad omens when looking at such tenderness in this griffon vulture's eyes? Vultures are important members of the environment, as they take care of recycling ...More

Mingun Temple

Construction began on this gigantic Buddhist stupa, known as Mingun Pahtodawgyi, in 1790. The structure was never completed and has suffered considerable earthquake damage since. It is located at Mingun on the north bank of Irrawaddy River, near Mandalay.

The White Line

Somewhere above the Tahiti reef. This reef protects Tahitians from big waves, and at the same time creates a calm lagoon where many species of fish can grow and be fished afterwards. With the warming of the oceans, the corals present on the reefs tend to die and directly impact t...More

Dinner Time

Three blue herons and their shadows, Northern California. Aerial image (photographed from a plane).

Feeding Frenzy in Monterey Bay

Late April in Monterey Bay and the humpback whales are returning from their breeding grounds famished. We came upon a large group of whales, sea lions and birds all gorging themselves on a huge school of anchovies near the surface.

The Tree Girl

This image is born from asking me about the relationship of people with spaces.

Ryan Jones, Inner Atlas 2019

This is a portrait of ocean lover Ryan Jones from my personal series, Inner Atlas.

“Inner Atlas is a contemporary and conceptual underwater portrait series exploring humankind’s relationship with nature. The work stands to showcase the human spirit in previously unseen ...More

Sea of People

San Fermín Festival and the Running of the Bulls. A controversial celebration, which involves both brutality and enjoyment. People of Pamplona, Spain and worldwide come to experience this spectacle of life and death. Here, festival attendees sport sangria-stained shirts.

Waiting for Spring

It's late April, and we had just received yet another snowfall, this time 12 inches. We were on day 7 of school being canceled due to the "Arctic Blast." We were all waiting for spring.