Social Science Learning Portal women write differently from white women. This is the most marked difference of all those combinations of black and white, male and female. It’s not so much that women write differently from men, but that black women write differently from white women. Black men don’t write very differently from white men.

Toni Morrison


Snapshots of Life

from the Smithsonian


Currently In Cuba, all internet services are controlled by the state-owned telecoms company Etecsa, and internet access in private houses is practically inaccessible. Recently however, the situation has begun to change, with wifi hotspots popping up across Cubas major cities, Cub...More


Met in Moscow, cowboy

Time Flies

During a safari in tanzania , we spotted a tree with at least dozen of lions on it , most of them were resting or sleeping . i found this tree trunk with one lion that was trying to catch some shade , it was in the hottest hours of the day , the flies were around him and i capt...More

Conically Shaped

Vietnamese woman wearing the traditional Non la (conical hat) in Hoi An, Vietnam.

People. Faces. North Korea

Joseon – this is the name of the country by the inhabitants themselves. In translation it means «Country of morning freshness». Outside its borders, it is known as North Korea. Complicated, contradictory, enveloped in myths and legends in media publications. The only country on t...More

USS Emmons

Her name is USS Emmons. It was a destroyer during the Second World War. She is now asleep in the deep sea of ​​Okinawa. Sleeping at a depth of 45 meters, she still remains in its former shape after 80 years.

Look at Me

This photo was taken at Ishigaki island in Japan in June of this year. The seawater temperature fell, the debilitating sea anemone recovered and returned to its original color. A small anemone fish came out from the gap and said "Look at me."

Burning Off

Vietnamese man burning off the rice during the rice harvest in Central Vietnam.