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American Wealth Pyramid

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While we typically use a pyramid diagram to represent levels of social class in a stratification system (e.g., the narrower the band, the fewer people), the actual shape is more like this diagram, with a very few people possessing the highest levels of wealth-- a 'one percent' rarity. This is today true just as it was in the days when 'robber barons' exercised positions with immense privilege, wealth, and power.

Family Life

The Center of Family Life

To me this image looks like it might be part of a larger advertisement, packed with all manner of model information, branding, price, and dealer directions. Perhaps then without all of this extra text aiding the closing of a sale, the focus of the illustration is sharper in relief: all members of the family— three generations— now have their attention centered on some variety show from this marvelous new device. What would we say if we contrasted this image with one such as shown here?

Bring Your Own Device Many commentators are alarmed about the amount of attention we're increasingly paying to digital devices rather than to each other.
.This may indicate that previous communal patterns or consensus built around a shared entertainment medium has now eroded to the point of "interaction fracture"— a disintegration of authentic face-to-face human social interactions in favor of digital media. Counter-arguments?