Required Maryland + HSA

American Government

This course examines the historical origins, structure and function of government in the U.S., with a focus on citizenship, political participation, and civil rights. MANDATORY Maryland HS, HSA Exam.

Required Maryland

World History, 1300-Present

World History is a course designed to give students a view of the breadth of historical change across a long period of time. While much of what has passed for "world history" is actually something more like "Western Civilization," since the 1980s, the focus of the course has increasingly taken on a "bigger picture."

Required Maryland

US History, 1865-Present

A Semester long survey of American history since Reconstruction. Major units focus on a chronological story, with an emphasis on themes that pull together the whole: immigration and culture, industrial and urban development, global involvement and change.



An entry level course that looks at how economies function, and the interrelationship between markets and firms, supply and demand, and the larger economy in terms of output, productivity, labor, and government.


African American Studies

African American Studies is an elective course that gives a broad survey of the historical and current situation of African Americans in the US through a documentary focus; examines what it means to be Black in America today using history, biography, photographic artifacts and the arts, including music, literature and drama.



Sociology is an elective course designed to provide students with a basic introduction to sociological thinking through theory, concepts and research.