What is Sociology anyway?

The Science of Society

The study of society by philosophers and thinkers is ancient, but beginning in the period of the Industrial Revolution, such thinkers as Comte, Spencer, Durkheim and others sought to apply scientific methods to looking at social problems.

Big and Small Picture Analysis

Sociologists usually are concerned with looking at either a MACRO perspective in which they are looking at the larger cultural and societal structures present in the world, or are using a MICRO perspective in which they are looking at much smaller units of society such as small groups and interactions.

Many Different Areas of Focus

In the early days some sociologists tried to bring together all aspects of the study of human society into one "Grand Theory"&emdash; this proved difficult, so as the discipline has progressed, many new specialties have developed (medical sociology, industrial sociology, the sociology of religion, to name a few)

Why Sociology?


Deeper Understanding of the World

Sociologists have often been the lone voice of imagination in the world, in addtion to philosophers, madmen, heretics and theives.


What do I do with a degree?